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Certified Equine Massage Therapist

“Helping your horse perform at the top of their game”

Common Muscular Problems                                      

✔ Refusing or resisting Leads

✔  Head, neck, and poll discomfort

✔  Shortened Strides

✔  Hip and shoulder lameness

✔  Unbalanced in all gates

✔  Nervous when ridden

✔ Girth discomfort

✔  Muscular soreness

✔  Back soreness or “cold back”

✔  Drastic attitude change

✔  Loss of Performance ability

✔  Discomfort unloading from trailer

and many more…

Benefits of a Massage

✔  Relieves tension and muscle spasms.

✔  Increases range of motion and flexibility of Joints and muscles

✔  Improves circulation which promotes healing of injuries.

✔  Releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

✔  Increases the production of fluid in joints.

✔  Reduces swelling and inflammation in joints, alleviating pain.

✔  Provides physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

Things to remember

*Massaging provides physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

*Muscles work on a “all or none” basis.

*Everything has a price and the price your horse pays for stressing will be a loss of

suppleness and a reduced range of motion, due to enduring muscle tightening.

*Any Muscle, any portion of muscle which is not working for the horse is working

against the horse, actively.

*Mysterious Problems:

“My horse has been checked, scoped, X-rayed, and there is nothing wrong, so how

come he’s still off?”. When there is no apparent cause and he is “off” of no obvious

reason, it is not easily understood. We can over look some obvious sight, and pass

them off as the horse having an “attitude problem”-when they are trying to tell us

something is wrong.

Rebecca Campidilli


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